Are Home Warranties a Waste Of Money or a Smart Investment?

October 14, 2019

Home Warranties

Home warranties are an extra warranty that covers the appliances in the San Diego home past their original warranty.  Many homeowners choose to get a home warranty when first moving into a home. Even if they have gotten an inspection and many of the appliances appear to be in good condition, there is no telling […]


Trying To Sell a San Diego House? Start These 7 Repairs Right Now

October 7, 2019

Sell a San Diego House

When trying to sell a San Diego house, there is plenty of stress. Especially if the sellers are continuing to live in the home while trying to sell. That is because maintaining a clean home that is walk-through ready at all times it extremely difficult.   But if you can move out before the home is […]


San Diego Homeowners: When to Break the 5 Year Rule

September 30, 2019

San Diego Homeowners: When to Break the 5 Year Rule

When buying a San Diego house, most people think they will live there forever. However, this is often not true for most.  For this reason, the advice that San Diego homeowners receive is that they need to stay in a house for at least five years after buying it.  In general, this is good advice […]


When to Lock-In an Interest Rate When Searching for a San Diego Home to Buy

September 23, 2019

Interest Rate

Interest rates are on the minds of every San Diego home buyer who is just starting to look for a mortgage. While the interest rates on a mortgage seem minuscule in the overall scheme of a sale, they play a huge roll in the payments for years to come.  Paying attention to interest rates and […]


When Do San Diego Home Buyers Need a Real Estate Option Contract?

September 16, 2019

Real Estate Option Contract

San Diego real estate transactions can be a tricky process. As a result, many parties find themselves concerned about their rights during the process.  Getting stuck in a San Diego real estate transaction that has gone wrong is never financially pleasant for a home buyer or seller. With a real estate option contract, there are […]


Mission (Almost) Impossible: Staging a San Diego Home With Children

September 9, 2019


Arguably, the most important task to complete when selling a San Diego home is staging.  Staging a San Diego house can bring in more buyers, more interest, and higher offers.   But many San Diego homeowners worry about how they are going to maintain a staged home while taking care of their family – especially if […]


Breaking Down Owner Financing: the Pros and Cons for Both San Diego Buyers and Sellers

September 2, 2019

Owner Financing

San Diego buyers attempting to purchase a home may be stressed to find the right option for financing.  Paying out of pocket is common for investors and those that are looking to purchase their next home may use a mortgage.  However, there is another financing option that is not as commonly used. Owner financing – […]


How San Diego Home Buyers Can Schedule Their Own Showings

August 26, 2019

San Diego Home Buyers

Navigating through the world of San Diego real estate is no easy task.  Real estate agents spend years crafting their services to help San Diego home buyers and sellers through this process.   However, sometimes a San Diego home buyer sees a house that they just have to look at.  If they are not working with a […]


5 Strategies for Sellers who Need to Sell a Home and Move to a New State

August 19, 2019


Anyone moving from a house that they own to their next property will know how difficult it is to sell and buy a house at the same time.  Scheduling is a huge factor in trying to get a home sold and bought within the same few weeks. But those sellers who need to sell their […]


Using Airbnb Income to Secure a Mortgage: How Lenders Approach The Situation

August 12, 2019


A new concept has hit the real estate market.  Many first-time home buyers, or those looking to make extra money, are buying properties that have a layout that allows them to rent out part of the home.  Thanks to the rise of platforms like Airbnb, short-term rental properties are becoming more popular. Those that plan […]