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Earnest Money

Something that takes some San Diego home buyers by surprise is how much money must be put down for earnest money along with the fact that they could lose it if they back out of a real estate deal.  Earnest money is provided to a seller to ensure the home buyers are serious with their […]

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San Diego Seller

San Diego sellers are getting smarter with their tactics to attract buyers.  Buyers are tired of seeing the same tactics used over and over again with each open house that they walkthrough.  That is why in order to ‘wow’ buyers, a seller has to bring something new to the table.   With that in mind, San […]

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Buying a San Diego Home

A number of potential homeowners say that they want to buy a San Diego home and then have many excuses for why that have not started the process.  And all of the excuses do sound like legitimate reasons not to buy a home.   However, with every excuse comes a solution to the problem.   For those […]

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"I had the pleasure of working with Melody representing me as the seller of my Condominium in San Diego. Her professional and practical approach throughout the whole process exceeded my expectations from start to end in all possible aspects. She provided very valuable and practical information and hands on solutions for preparation, staging, timelines and financial management of selling my property. Her real estate management skills helped me with minimize the duration of this process and sell my property in the shortest time. Her attention to details and overall planning made the process as smooth as possible and she resolved many roadblocks before we hit them. I will definitely recommend Melody for any real estate services and will be using her help for my future needs inside or outside San Diego area.”

Behzad G.
August 10, 2017

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